Frequently Asked Cleaning Questions

We don’t expect you to read everything on this page as it’s quite extensive, however, if there’s anything that catches your eye as you scroll down the page, by all means stop and read.

We make a conscious decision NOT to be greedy and to keep our profit margins way below a lot of our competitors.

It should be noted that our cleaners receive ABOVE minimum wage fees, indeed we know of a number of companies who pay their cleaners the MINIMUM WAGE but their hourly rate is MUCH higher because their profit margins are greater than ours, either that, or their overheads are bigger too which means these higher costs are passed onto their customer.

So if a competitor is charging a higher price than us and claims that it’s not possible to offer a good service by offering a lower price, frankly that has no basis in fact and is usually stated to justify their higher profit margins, or in some cases the inefficient method of their business operation which requires them to charge more – not forgetting of course that some companies are simply far too greedy in what is a competitive market place.

We certainly didn’t become the most efficient cleaning service in your area by offering our customers a poor service, so claims by competitors that it isn’t possible to charge OUR prices and offer a first class service is misguided and blatently untrue and is intended by some companies as misinformation in order to justify their higher margins.

We are an introductory business and have a large database of carefully selected and registered cleaners available throughout the area to meet your household’s needs.

Our role is to introduce fully vetted, local, dedicated, self employed cleaners to undertake your general chores every week on the same day.

We provide Home Cleaning in Leighton Buzzard, Luton, Dunstable and Milton Keynes.

The cleaner’s duties will be agreed directly between you and the cleaner at the meeting which will be arranged with you prior to starting.

The arrangement is flexible and can be adapted to your requirements. As a general rule these will include, hoovering, polishing, dusting, interior window cleaning, as well as the cleaning of floors, toilet areas and ironing too.

Some cleaners perform additional duties such as the changing of bed linen, laundry, hanging out washing and general washing up of crockery, however these latter items are not what could be realistically classified as domestic cleaning in the accepted sense of the term and therefore your cleaner may or may not want to perform the previously mentioned extra services.

Most people it has to be said, do not require laundry, washing up or the changing of bed linen so the latter issues are not a problem.

You should allow approximately 2 to 3 hours for cleaning and an hour for ironing (if the latter is required) for an average 3 bedroom property, in any event the cleaner will meet you to discuss your EXACT requirements as detailed above, most people work to a budget, they know how much they are prepared to spend and then finalise everything with the cleaner when they meet.

In two words – very carefully! We believe this is one of the reasons we are listed with several Social Services departments throughout our coverage area.

First interview – We undertake a detailed telephone interview and only accept about one in ten who applies for work with us. Of these, only half are accepted (after vetting) to join our register of approved cleaners.

Our selection process is extensive and intended to deter inappropriate applicants. We assess character, past work history, ability, preferred work times and areas. We also determine whether they have the right approach for this kind of work and ensure that they have a telephone so that both you and the Company can contact them easily.

Second interview – We meet the cleaner in their own home to assess their own standards of cleanliness and we check that the identification provided verifies that they are who they claim to be, and that they live where they claim to live.

Because we provide House Cleaning in Leighton Buzzard, Luton, Dunstable and Milton Keynes, we, as a company, have to travel extensively to visit all of our cleaners, however this is all part of our service to ensure that you can rest assured that no matter where the cleaner resides in our coverage area – we have personally visited her and have verified their identity.

We require sight of two forms of proof of identity and residence, additional references are also required in connection with employment and character and we check with the originator.

Some companies ask the cleaner to visit them, we, however prefer to visit ALL cleaners in their own home environment.

As can be ascertained, a great deal of work is undertaken on your behalf before you even speak to a potential cleaner.

Only by checking references. If we cannot verify references, we will not offer work.

Yes, however Thursday and Friday are the most popular days so if you are only prepared to accept one of these, it may take longer to find someone suitable.

Unfortunately, for the majority of cleaners it is not worth their while financially to travel to and from your property just to earn a few pounds before expenses. The more hours you want per session, the easier it’ll be to find you a cleaner, and the longer they’ll stay with you. The minimum work session is therefore 2 hours.

You do. You pay the applicable rate, when the work is done. You agree the payment arrangement with the cleaner when you meet her.

No! Indeed most people are not in when she calls which is why they need someone to do the cleaning in the first place, however we do have elderly, infirm or disabled people amongst our clients who of course may be in when she arrives, whether you are in or out is not a problem, rest assured the cleaner will carry out her duties regardless.

Cleaners are responsible for making their own way to your home. Because we cover a large area, offering Domestic Cleaning in Leighton Buzzard, Luton, Dunstable and Milton Keynes, we always ensure cleaners are local to their clients and never have too far to travel.

That said, if a cleaner travels to see you via bus, or has walked, they’ll most likely live in the same town, however, if they have the use of a car, they’ll generally have travelled a little further – but never too far, as fuel costs are something which have to be taken into consideration.

This is rare as we aim to match the right cleaner to each client, however if there was ever a problem, simply notify us and we will normally provide a replacement within a maximum of 7 days.

Generally the cleaner will use your cleaning materials in order to keep the hourly rate as low as possible and to avoid allergies.. There is no such thing as a free lunch in business, the cleaner can supply her own materials but your hourly rate would be higher.

Not surprisingly you would be hard pushed to find clients who are willing to pay a higher hourly rate for the cleaner to bring along cleaning materials when the client probably already has a perfectly adequate supply. That said, it’s possible that you may prefer your own products due to health or eco friendly reasons.

If there is anything else you would like to know please phone or email us and we will be happy to discuss it.

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